Do You Want Your Clients to Know That You're the Private Exchange?

Be the Private Exchange!

Another piece of the Healthcare Reform puzzle solved!!

We considered getting out of the Health side when we saw our groups moving into individual policies. Get My Health Quotes makes it possible for us to stay in the game and continue helping our clients win.

Thank you Freedom Services!


Southern MN

“I always felt that quoting insurance for my clients was a part of my role as their agent. With all the variables in today’s market, I needed a tool to help me help my clients. Get My Health Quotes has done this and MUCH more!”



“The new regulations made it possible for me to start selling individual policies to small groups. I check out all the quoting tools out there and found that Freedom Services had the best platform on the market to accomplish my needs. They’ve really help make this transition seamless for allot of my small groups.”